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SolarLab XM Photoelectrochemical Test System

SolarLab XM is an application-specific XM instrument designed for photovoltaics and solar cell research



  • Developed in conjunction with Professor Laurie Peter
  • Frequency and time domain techniques including IMPS, IMVS, impedance, photovoltage drop, charge extraction, IV
  • Automatic analysis to calculate effective diffusion coefficients and electron lifetimes
  • NIST Traceable Light Source Calibration
  • Excellent thermal management of light sources for long-term stability
  • Full suite of electrochemical techniques (cyclic voltammetry, chrono methods, galvano methods, impedance, and AC voltammetry)
  • IPCE option for quantum efficiency measurements
  • SolarLab XM's impedance accuracy contour plot highlights Solartron's best-in-class measurement performance.


Applications and Software


The SolarLab XM is a dedicated system for the following applications:


IMPS Effective electron diffusion coefficient
IMVS Effective lifetime of electrons
Photovoltage decay  Effective lifetime of electrons
IV. Fill factor, Pmax, Voc, Isc, Efficiency
Cargo Extraction - Dark Trapped charge density
Load Extraction -
Short circuit
Trapped charge density
IPCE option  Quantum efficiency 
AC measurement   Impedance / Capacitance
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