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1280Z Electrochemical Test System

1280Z combines a potentiostat and FRA in one instrument



  • Range of DC tests and AC tests, such as EIS, with FRA and ZPLOT software
  • Two high-resolution digital voltmeters in multiple ranges
  • Patented pulse width conversion technique for high precision, stability and linearity
  • Electrochemical interface for standalone FRAs like 1260A, 1255B.
  • BNC connections ensure that different cable options are locally available.
  • Popular CorrWare acquisition software and USB to GPIB converter options to support interfacing with modern computers.


Applications and Software


Solartron's Analytical 1280Z Electrochemical Test System is a complete instrument that includes potentiostat hardware for DC and frequency response analyzer (FRA) hardware for AC tests in a single compact unit._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_Popular options for the 1280Z are CorrWare data DC acquisition and ZPLOT AC acquisition software. A USB to GPIB converter helps support the modern computer interface. 

Using measurement technology similar to the 1287A electrochemical interface and a 1253A FRA, the 1280Z implements Solartron's proprietary pulse-width conversion technique to provide high accuracy, stability, and linearity over the entire focused range of the instrument.


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