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BOS SAFETAP retractable sensors

The BOS SAFETAP is a retractable or "hot tap" optical oxygen sensor. The sensing tip can be inserted through the ½” ball valve up to 4 inches into pipes and process vessels.  When sensor maintenance is required, the sensor can be easily retracted with the Safe-T handle and isolated from the process via a ball valve. The BOS SAFETAP can be used in processes up to 750 PSIG (51.7 bar). Built-in tubing ports allow for in-situ calibration and purging when sensor is retracted.


BOS3 Oxygen Ranges

  • 0 to 300 ppm with 1000 ppm overrange (gas)

BOS1 Oxygen Ranges

  • 0.002% to 4.2% (gas)
  • 1ppb to 1.8ppm (liquid)

BOS2 Oxygen Ranges

  • 0.21% to 25% (gas)
  • 15ppb to 22ppm (liquid)


Oxygen measurement in external sample lines is often not feasible. For in-line applications, Barben Analytical offers the BOS SAFETAP retractable optical oxygen sensors. El BOS SAFETAP is designed to be manually inserted and retracted (hot tapped) from the process through a ball valve assembly. Freely rotating Safe-T handle provides a secure gripping surface for manual insertion the optical sensor in applications up to 450 PSIG. The BOS SAFETAP includes a snap hook that catches the secure T-handle to prevent unwanted retraction. A cable gland using Conax® testedSealing technology provides additional insurance against inadvertent retraction. In normal operation, the BOS SAFETAP is rated for pressures to 750 PSIG (51, 7 bar) 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Piping ports are included as part of the weld-in retraction housing so that purging and full field calibration can be performed without removing the oxygen sensor_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_. The BOS SAFETAP oxygen sensor includes an integral PT100 RTD temperature sensor and replaceable phosphor window cover to make sensor service simple and low cost.

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