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567 pH/ORP Sensor with Hot Key

For aggressive chemical applications, the  pH/ORP sensor style 567 insert provides a unique hot tap solution. metallic; in contrast, a Kynar (PVDF) sensor body provides structural integrity and protects against exposure to chemical attack. The Kynar body, combined with the reference Axial Ion Path™ and multiple glass electrode options make it a well-suited sensor for strong acids, high caustics, and other industrial pH measurement applications where corrosion is an issue. 


  • Hot-key Kynar (PVDF) pH sensor for the most aggressive chemical applications (no wetted metal components)
  • High-temperature, low-noise proprietary signal cable
  • Axial Ion Path® patented reference technology increases electrode life in demanding applications
  • High-temperature, low-noise proprietary signal cable
  • Specialized glass formulations
  • Universally compatible with all analyzers from the manufacturer
  • (The actual color of the sensor is white)
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