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547 pH/ORP Sensor with 8" Sensor Assembly and Manual Adjustment

The 547 cartridge-style pH sensor is designed for a secure fit in the metal sheath kit. Variable insertion depth provides flexibility when the pH sensor needs to go through nozzles, tees, or other fittings  Dual O-ring seals (Viton Extreme / EPDM / FFKM options) provide compatibility with most industrial processes. Options for electrode tips flush, notched, and recessed provide flexibility in demanding applications, such as pulp, where abrasion may be a concern.


  • Patented Axial Ion Path® reference technology increases electrode life in demanding industrial applications
  • High-temperature, low-noise proprietary signal cable
  • Specialized glass formulations
  • Universally compatible with all analyzers from the manufacturer
  • Cartridge style body with double o-rings for added security
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