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PX5 DPP, MCA and power supply

The Amptek PX5 interfaces between (1) an X-ray and gamma ray detector with its preamplifier and (2) a computer running data acquisition and control software. Designed primarily to support the XR series -100's of Amptek's SDD, Si-PIN and CdTe detectors, can be used with many other radiation detectors and preamplifiers, including HPGe detectors and scintillators. Supports reset and feedback preamplifiers any polarity. The PX5 includes (1) a high-performance digital pulse processor (replacing a conventional amplifier), (2) a multi-channel analyzer, and (3) high-performance power supplies. and low voltage (±HV).


The PX5 offers several advantages over traditional systems, including improved performance (very high resolution, reduced ballistic deficit, increased performance, and improved stability), many more configuration options to optimize the system, and many communication and output options._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_The PX5 is based on Amptek's latest generation of digital pulse processing technology, which is also used in the DP5 family of products.


The input signal to the PX5 is the output of the preamplifier. The PX5 digitizes the output of the preamplifier, applies real-time digital processing to the signal, detects the maximum amplitude (digitally) and groups this value into its histogram memory, generating a power spectrum. The spectrum is then transmitted via the PX5's USB, Ethernet, or RS-232 interface to the user's computer.


The PX5 is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems, including Windows 10.




  • Single unit compatible with all current Amptek SDD, Si-PIN and CdTe detectors
  • Includes
    • digital pulse shape amplifier
    • Integrated multichannel analyzer
    • power supplies
  • Supports 3rd party detectors and reset and feedback preamps of any polarity
  • Trapezoidal shape and new cusp with a wide range of peak times to optimize performance
  • High count rate capability with excellent baseline stability, throughput, and buildup rejection
  • Up to 8k MCA channels of output
  • Oscilloscope mode: DAC output for pulse monitoring and adjustment
  • 8 single channel analyzer outputs
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