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PARSTAT MC Multi-Channel Potentiostat

PARSTAT MC has more current, voltage, resolution and performance.



  • The PMC chassis supports multiple models and up to 20 channels with its unique design with data buffering, hot-swappable and user-replaceable functional blocks.
  • The PMC-1000 model provides current in a range of ±2A to ±4 nA, 1.2 fA and expandable (±30A to ±4 pA, 122 aA)
  • Model PMC-2000A provides 6-WIRE measurement for anode/cathode impedance, ±30 V voltage, and 7 MHz EIS.
  • The PMC-200 model provides 2 potentiostats per card, 24-bit resolution, new processor and design for faster experiments. 
  • The BOOSTER P10A/6V model can increase the current up to 10A and in parallel up to 30A.
  • Easy-to-use VersaStudio software included


Applications and Software


Users can select between the different groups of techniques available:

Energy which provides charge-discharge curves (including CC-CV) for capacity vs. number of cycles or Coulomb efficiency, as well as dedicated techniques such as constant power, constant resistance, and potentiostatic/galvanostatic intermittent titration technique (PITT, GITT)

voltammetryThe Advanced Voltammetry techniques also include Pulse Voltammetry methods.

Corrosion which provides multiple corrosion analysis techniques, including the most common ASTM standards such as Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR, ASTM G59), Tafel (ASTM G5), Cyclic Polarization (ASTM G61) , etc.

Impedance It can be added to any system to provide electrochemical impedance spectroscopy techniques.
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