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VS-OSP Non-Contact Optical Surface Profiler

VS-OSP traces the topography and is combined with other techniques to obtain images in constant distance mode



  • OSP uses laser-based technology to accurately map the topography of any sample
  • When combined with other techniques, OSP data provides a mechanism for constant distance measurements that remove a key complication from data interpretation.


Applications and Software


The VersaSCAN OSP integrates the base with a high-precision, high-speed laser displacement sensor. The OSP technique uses a diffuse reflection mechanism to measure the topography of a sample._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_OSP can be used to measure topography, as a highly sensitive leveling mechanism, or plot topography to be implemented with other scanning sonar techniques for constant distance mode operation.


  • Optical surface profiling technique to measure the topography of the sample.
  • It can be combined with other VersaScan techniques for constant distance mode mapping.
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