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Oxygen Analyzer (4401) - Legacy

  • Excellent long-term stability and low drift
  • Measurement fails inherently high if sensor is damaged (no false zero)
  • LOD = 0.5 ppm O2 gas phase
  • No membranes to get dirty; No electrolytes to poison; No O2 consumption 
  • Hazardous Area Approvals: FM, CSA, ATEX, UL, and CE
  • No cross sensitivity or damage caused by: CO 2 , H 2 S, NH 3 , NO 2 , heavy metals, ethanol, methanol or ionic species pH, S 2 -, SO 4 2- , Cl-, salinity or turbidity
  • Independent measurement of flow velocity



The 4401OXY Analyzer optically measures oxygen in the gas or liquid phase using the quenching luminescence of an oxygen-specific luminophore. In addition, it is suitable for direct field installation (NEMA 4X) in hazardous areas (Class I, Division 2). The fiber optic sensor platform allows small sensors to be installed in-line in pipe lines of sample (1/4"), flow cells using NPT fittings or directly into tanks or process lines using our "hot tap" retractable sensor design.

BOS son impermeables a los venenos típicos de O 2 (H 2 S ) and interference (combustible, magnetic, CO 2 y H 2) with long-term stability and high-precision measurement systems or advanced sample conditioning applications. Threaded version of optical sensor is optional Dual Seal (ANSI/ISA 12.27.01) rated for high pressure applications up to 1200 PSIG (82.7 BAR) .

The analyzer output and display units can be set to partial pressure (hPa or Torr) or concentration (ppm or % O 2 ) for gas phases along with hPa, ppm or ppb for dissolved oxygen in liquid phase.



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