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XM Materials Laboratory

Materials Lab XM has an application-focused design for dielectric and electronic materials



  • Impedance range 1 mOhm to 1 TOhm (1E15 Range)
  • Small footprint and application-centric design
  • Auxiliary measurement port for synchronized measurement of optical, mechanical or other transducers.
  • Instant switching between time (IV, rapid pulse) and AC (CV, impedance, Mott-Schottky) domain measurements without changing sample connections
  • Low frequency to 10 µHz for studies of degradation, trap status and material purity
  • XM-Studio software is included with all XM-series systems
  • Materials Lab's XM Impedance Precision Contour Plot highlights Solartron's best-in-class measurement performance.



Applications and Software


Materials Lab XM can perform time domain (DC) and frequency domain (AC) tests. Accessories control temperature from cryostat to oven levels and integrate through control of software with the central measurement electronics to create a system to study a wide range of materials. ModuLab XM platform systems can be expanded for electrochemical or photoelectrochemical experiments.


The Materials Lab XM Impedance Precision Contour Plot highlights Solartron's best-in-class measurement performance.


Materials Lab XM  is a modular system that can be configured for the following applications:


  1. Materials dielectrics:Ferro/piezoelectric | MEM | NEM | multiferroics |Polymers | Solid oxides SOFC | ionic conductors |Solid electrolytes, quantum dots
  2. Electronic materials: LEDs | LCD | OLED | MEM | IPO | Yes | DSSC | OFET |Ge | GaAs | perovskite materials
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