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EXVC X-ray collimator kit

To accommodate applications where the X-ray flux is too high for both the detector and the electronics processing the X-ray spectrum, we have developed a "Collimator Kit" to collimate the primary X-ray beam._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_This system consists of the EXVC collimator housing that slides over the X-123's 1.5-inch extender.


The EXVC collimator housing can accommodate up to two tungsten (W) collimator disks which fit inside a bayonet mount in front of the detector. By selecting the appropriate tungsten collimator disks, the user can reduce the incoming X-ray flux and allow the detector and electronics to process the X-ray spectrum. Seven different tungsten collimating disks with different sized holes are provided to allow for a wide range of applications .


The EXVC collimator housing is made of stainless steel and can also be used inside a vacuum chamber.


EXVC Collimator Kit Includes:


  • Stainless steel collimator housing
  • brass spacer
  • Tripod and mounting plate (included when ordering for use with the standard 1.5-inch extension box)
  • Laser pointer
  • 5 tungsten collimating discs (W):
    • 1 mm thick with 25 µm hole
    • 1 mm thick with 50 µm hole
    • 2 mm thick with 400 µm hole
    • 2 mm thick with 1000 µm hole
    • 2 mm thick with 2000 µm hole


All tungsten discs are made of HD17 alloy (90% W, 6% Ni, 4% Cu).


All tungsten discs and spacers are 0.625 inch in diameter.



This tungsten spacer/collimator (W) is 36 mm thick with a 300 µm bore. It is designed to stop and collimate X-rays greater than 150 keV that are produced from tubes of high energy.

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