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EmStat Peak MUX16

The EmStat Pico MUX16 is a development board equipped with an EmStat Pico potentiostat module and multiplexer and can be used in two modes:


  • MUX16 mode where WE, RE and CE are changed at the same time. This allows 16 individual cells to be connected to the board, each with its own WE, RE and CE.
  • MUX256 mode where the combined WE and RE+CE are switched separately, allowing 256 channels to be addressed as a matrix.


The multiplexer is controlled by 8 digital I/O lines, this effectively creates an 8-bit address for the multiplexer. The 4 LSB bits of the multiplexer address switch WE, the 4 MSBs switch RE and EC.

The integrated EmStat Pico is a tried, tested and calibrated potentiostat module that allows for rapid prototyping, with no programming knowledge required.

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