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Medical X-ray detector for mammography and radiology

This detector system was designed to simultaneously measure the maximum potential of the X-ray tube (kVp) and to characterize the spectrum of the mammographic X-ray tube.




  • Direct measurement spectra
  • End point power (kVp)
  • See what the patient gets:
    • No Compton Spectra
    • Exhaust Tip Adjustment  via from XRS-FP software
  • self-calibration system
  • Look directly into the X-ray tube and simultaneously record both the spectrum and the peak potential (kVp)
  • The technology that went to Mars in the Pathfinder Mission is now available for Radiology!
  • A must-have detector for all radiology departments.
  • For Quality Assurance in Radiographic and Fluoroscopic Systems


Necessary equipment


  • X-123CdTe complete X-ray and gamma-ray spectrometer
  • EXVC collimator kit
  • XRS-FP exhaust peak adjustment software
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