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DP5G Kit: OEM digital pulse processor for scintillators and PMTs

The Amptek DP5G Kit is a state-of-the-art, high-performance, low-power digital pulse processor designed for use in scintillation spectroscopy systems. Connected to the anode of a PMT, it includes a preamplifier sensitive to the load and a digital pulse processor, which replaces both the shaping amplifier and the MCA in a traditional nuclear spectroscopy system. The kit includes all the power supplies needed to power those circuits and uses standard connectors for ease of use (USB, Ethernet, etc.). The DP5G offers several advantages over traditional systems, including higher performance, greater flexibility, small size, and low cost.


The DP5G kit consists of three boards stacked together: the DP5G digital pulse processor board, the PCG interface board, and the AUX board. A complete system must also include a detector module (scintillator/PMT ) and an HV supply (not included).


The DP5G represents the latest generation in digital pulse processing. It is a variant of the DP5, optimized for scintillation reading. DP5 technology includes faster peak times, improved stack rejection and pulse shape discrimination, better dead time correction, additional features such as a "List Mode" and improved interfaces.


For a fully integrated and rugged system that includes the detector and the high voltage supply, check out the Gamma-RAD5.


For a traditional tube base that includes all electronics and power supply, see the TB-5.




  • Integrated preamplifier, shaping amplifier and MCA optimized for scintillation systems
  • Processes the signal from the PMT anode, providing a full spectrum
  • Includes all power supplies for preamp and processor
  • Standard USB and Ethernet connectors
  • The entire system can be powered by USB or by Ethernet
  • For OEM or custom lab users
  • highly configurable
  • Low consumption: 600 mW typical
  • list mode
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