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Biosafety cabinet BSC-PRO

It has a time reserve function and an ULPA and UV filter life indicator. In addition, it has a motorized front window and a memory function in case of power failure. The cabinet has an audiovisual alarm system that is activated in the event of anomalies in the airflow velocity, filter replacement, front window at an unsafe height and high filter pressure alarm. In addition, it has an autonomous lock button to prevent the loss of keys. The 7-inch touch screen with intelligent control system allows operators to view the detailed status of the cabinet, such as input and output speed, temperature and humidity in the working area, filter pressure, working time of UV and the working time of the filter. It also features a remote control that makes the operation much easier and more convenient. In addition, it has an interconnection function that includes the UV lamp and front window, UV lamp and fan, LED lamp and fan, and a foot switch that allows you to adjust the height of the front window with your foot during operation. experiment to avoid airflow turbulence caused by arm movement.

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