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6 bags microprocessed refrigerated centrifuge for blood bank

  • Refrigerated centrifuge with six 1,000 ml bags. for the use of 6 bags of 500 ml. quadruple, triple, double and for the TOP & BOTTON and TOP & TOP system.
  • It allows the separation of platelet-rich plasma, platelet concentrate, red blood cell concentrate, fresh plasma and cryoprecipitates.
  • Microprocessor controlled equipment.
  • Asynchronous centrifugal motor without carbons (brushes) free of maintenance controlled by a frequency inverter.
  • Storage of up to 50 alphanumeric programs with program identification by procedure name, programming of speed, temperature, time, acceleration and braking.
  • Refrigeration system equipped with CFC-free gas shielded motor compressor.
  • Security system with optical and audible alarms due to imbalance and poorly closed lid.
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