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External collimator for Amptek SDD and Fast SDD® detectors

The Amptek eMLC-1 External Collimator is an accessory that can be used to reduce the flux of X-rays entering Amptek SDD and Fast SDD® detectors from wide angles, enhancing background and reducing spectral interference._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_The optimal external collimator is highly dependent on the geometry of a particular instrument; many customers will design their own collimator for their application. This is a general purpose tool that helps in many applications and is a base for customization.


Amptek SDD and Fast SDD® detectors include an internal multi-layer collimator (MLC), which prevents X-rays from reaching the limit of the detector's active volume, where charge collection is poor. El eMLC-1 uses the same multi-layer collimator, externally mounted in a brass housing. The multi-layer collimator stops X-rays efficiently, with a tungsten core and layers of increasingly Z materials low to stop its characteristic X-rays; the outer shell is aluminum.




  • Multi-Coated Collimator (MLC):   Base metal is 100 µm tungsten (W), first layer is 35 µm chromium (Cr), second layer is 15 µm titanium (Ti) and the last layer is 75 µm aluminum (Al).


  • Collimator Housing:   Base metal is .020” brass, with nickel finish. Note the nickel cover that is on top 0.010” from the detector.


  • open area:   17 mm²


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