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CellTest - Multichannel Potentiostat

CellTest System is an 8-Channel High Current System with Options for Analytical EIS Performance from Solartron 



  • ± 4 A per channel, and may be in parallel at 32 A
  • Solartron Analytical EIS performance in simultaneous (1400, 1451/1455) or sequential (independent FRA) mode
  • Auxiliary measurement channels for multiple anode/cathode (AC/DC) electrode investigations
  • Wide range of external boosters
  • CellTest's impedance accuracy contour plot highlights Solartron's best-in-class measurement performance.



Applications and Software


The CellTest system provides a wide range of experimental techniques, including charge/discharge, potentiostatic, potentiodynamic, galvanostatic, galvanodynamic, fast cyclic voltammetry, open circuit, step and fast pulse techniques, ohmic drop analysis, and impedance.


CellTest can operate in two different software options: CellTest and MultiStat. CellTest is designed for characterization of power devices. MultiStat is similar in design to popular packages CorrWare and ZPLOT.

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