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1287A Potentiostat Galvanostat

1287A is a flagship potentiostat and electrochemical interface for FRA like 1260A and 1255B.



  • Range of DC tests and AC tests, such as EIS, with FRA and ZPLOT software
  • Two high-resolution digital voltmeters in multiple ranges
  • Patented pulse width conversion technique for high precision, stability and linearity
  • Electrochemical interface for standalone FRAs like 1260A, 1255B.
  • BNC connections ensure that different cable options are locally available.
  • Popular CorrWare acquisition software and USB to GPIB converter options to support interfacing with modern computers.


Applications and Software


The Solartron Analytical 1287A Potentiostat and Galvanostat is a high-precision, broad-bandwidth instrument that offers a variety of DC test capabilities. The 1287A can be combined with a frequency response analyzer, such as the Solartron Analytical 1260A or 1255B, and ZPLOT software for AC tests such as electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.

Popular options for the 1287A are CorrWare data DC acquisition software and a USB to GPIB converter to help support interfacing with modern computers. BNC connections ensure that different connection options cable are available locally.


Measurement integrity
Central to the 1287A's measurement capability are two multi-range, high-resolution digital voltmeters that provide simultaneous voltage and current measurements. Using Solartron Analytical's proprietary pulse width conversion technique , we have high precision, stability and linearity in the entire range of the instrument.

The 1287A has excellent resolution and measurement accuracy of up to 1 μV for the reference electrodes and 1 pA for the working electrode, making it an ideal choice for measurements where signal levels are extremely low.

The 1287A uses floating measurements on all connections: it is equally at home measuring corrosion rates on grounded pipelines as it is in the lab. For safety reasons, it is often necessary to ground equipment such as fuel cells and autoclaves, a major problem if your instrumentation is not capable of floating measurements.

The 1287A offers complete flexibility for cell connection: 2, 3 or 4 terminal measurements can be made with equal ease.


  • 2-terminal techniques for general materials/electrochemical testing
  • 3-terminal techniques for physical electrochemistry and corrosion/plating applications
  • 4-terminal techniques for accurate characterization of batteries/fuel cells, allowing resistance and impedance of leads
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