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1255B - Frequency Response Analyzer

1255B FRA Provides Solartron Analytical Precision and Resolution to 1 MHz



  • Wide frequency range from 1 MHz to 10 µHz
  • Sine wave voltage generator at 3 V RMS and ± 40.95 V DC
  • Two (2) channels of 5V peak voltage measurement
  • Capable of performing DC potentiostatic and galvanostatic experiments with the 1287A electrochemical interface
  • Impedance range from 100 mOhm to 100 TOhm, with the 1296A dielectric interface


Applications and Software


The 1255B Frequency Response Analyzer is one of a range of instruments that will meet your current and future needs.

Using the single sine technique, the 1255B provides an accurate measurement of gain and phase between any two points in a system. This all-digital technique is used to evaluate the performance of simple and complex systems : electrochemical, materials, electronic, mechanical and acoustic.

For more than 45 years, Solartron Analytical has produced frequency response analyzers, instruments considered worldwide as industry standards. This unmatched knowledge and experience has been used to produce the 1255B, with its 1 MHz frequency range and 1 in 65 million frequency resolution.

The 1255B Frequency Response Analyzer applies the power and sophistication of modern measurement technology; simple in concept, fast and accurate in performance, and so easy to use, even by non-technical personnel.  

Impedance measurement has become an important tool in the study of electrochemical/biological phenomena and material properties. The 1255B together with a potentiostat such as the 1287A can be used in a wide range of applications, including:


  • Protection against corrosion and corrosion
  • Properties of organic and inorganic coatings and films.
  • Development of solid electrolytes for oxygen sensors
  • Development of new anode/cathode materials and electrolytes
  • Studies of properties of animal and plant tissues.
  • photoelectric effects


materials test
When combined with a 1296A dielectric interface and temperature test set, the 1255B can be used to test a wide range of materials, such as:


  • Fuel cells and solid state batteries 
  • Relaxation processes in the molecular dynamics of liquid crystals, polymers and liquids.
  • Charge transport in semiconductors, organic crystals, ceramics, etc.
  • Analysis of chemical reactions, polymerization and curing processes
  • New gas and liquid sensors
  • Characterization of insulating and semiconductor materials
  • Quality control in the production of insulators, printed circuits, etc.


Electronic Testing
1255B is ideal for a wide variety of applications in the field of electronics, from fundamental aspects, such as the characterization of the electrical and mechanical properties of materials, to the development and testing of complete components and circuits.

Generally, these applications require the measurement of group delay and transfer functions over a wide range of frequencies. In the case of amplifiers or filters, a wide dynamic range is also needed along with a resolution of high frequency to allow the attenuation characteristics to be fully defined.


mechanical tests
Mechanical tests include aerospace applications such as servo systems, guidance control systems, acoustic systems. 

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